Sky Up starts flights to Lviv and Kiev from Łódź

Sky up focuses on Łódź (Warsaw), offering flights to Lviv and Kiev. Is this the beginning of the strategic long-term expansion of the Ukrainian airline?

Today, another interesting news from the aviation market. The Lodz airport, which is to be sold (closed), acquires interesting connections to Kiev and Lviv.

Sky up will fly from several Polish cities to Ukraine

Today we got another portion of good information from the Ukrainian carrier. Sky Up has announced connections from Łódź and Katowice to Ukraine. Łódź got connections to both Lviv and Kiev. Katowice will be satisfied with Kiev.

Sky Up has previously advised connections from Modlin and Gdańsk. The first one is unlikely to start. And the second has already hit the frequency limitation. Will the connections from Łódź and Katowice be more lucky – especially in the case of Łódź, there is a very good chance.

Are the departures from Łódź to be an alternative to Warsaw?

It seems that the choice of Łódź is dictated by the search for an alternative to the “closed” for Sky Up Okęcie airport. It has been known for a long time that the connection to Lviv, competitive for LOT, is effectively formally blocked.

Lviv has the advantage that it can be an interesting tourist destination. Both for an individual passenger and groups with various characteristics (seniors, MICE, etc.).

The timetable is also interesting, connections on Friday and Monday in the afternoon hours are almost perfect for a short trip to western Ukraine.

When operating from Łódź, Sky Up can also count on passengers traveling from Poznań, Wrocław or Częstochowa.

Sky Up is looking for a commercial representation in Poland – the key to long-term success

There is information on the market that Sky Up is looking for a sales representative in Poland. It is the right decision. Appropriate contacts with Tour Operators, business and OTA require commercial support on the spot.

The choice may not be easy. The GSA market has been heavily depleted and the conditions offered by the Ukrainian carrier may be low-cost. This approach directs him towards a simple B2B contract with an experienced sales manager in the industry. There is no shortage of such people on the market today.

Schedule from Lodz to Lviv interesting for weekend / group MICE trips

As we mentioned, the timetable from Łódź offers great opportunities. Much can be done in the area of ​​group travel. Tour operators are waiting for new opportunities, and the choice of available destinations is limited (see problems with departures from Berlin).

Berlin airport – fewer opportunities for “transit passengers” from Poland

Mice agencies can also accept this destination with interest. It is worth remembering that the Lviv Convention Bureau has already done good work in the past, promoting Lviv as an event and congress destination. Now it’s time to harvest this fruit.

Will the Ukrainian ethnic market build a movement similar to Italy?

The growing ethnic movement between Poland and Ukraine offers great opportunities in the long run. Establishing family and business ties will ensure passenger flows for many years. It will certainly also be the case that the Ukrainian diaspora will grow richer over time and will switch from bus transport to air transport. The same may be true of a skilled workforce.

It is worth using the examples of Polish companies. That, at the beginning of the 21st century, sent employees to Spain and Portugal by buses. To change over to planes after a few years.

An interesting example is the exodus of workers from the south of Italy to the north. Especially to Turin (Fiat) and Lombardy. At the beginning, they also traveled by bus or rail. And then found out about the time/money savings offered by low-cost airlines.

It will also be no different in the case of the Ukrainian ethnic movement. Where we still have borders that make life difficult. Sky UP, if it does everything professionally, has a chance to permanently appear in the Polish sky and successfully develop a powerful business niche.