The results of the sale of air tickets in April: Nihil Novi – Again Dubai, Maldives and Seychelles

What do the results of April bring? WNT permanently jumps on the podium? Do Dubai prices will fall soon?

Unfortunately, in April, we have not yet seen any signal that proves the return of the business traffic. Dubai rules on the top of the classification, ahead of Maldives. Among the agents already show the result of acquisitions made by WnT, which climbed after a long break on the 3rd place.

Destinations – Dubai with a high price for hair before Maldives

Among the destinations sold, Dubai is still insolved. Although this month, the first place counting the gross value of sales kept barely. If we looked at the number of tickets, Maldives are 3 best tickets. It is worth paying attention to a fairly high average price for Dubai reaching PLN 2,000 net. I wonder how the price situation will change with the emergence of competition, LOT last week offered Dubai for 1499zl gross. In response to the expansion of the Polish carrier, Emirates announced back to every day flights from Warsaw.

From other exotics, the podium closes Seychelles, and then we will still find fashionable Zanzibar and Cancun. This last destination is still waiting for the publication of direct flights by a Polish carrier. The plans were very ambitious to fly to Yucatan from 3 ports in Central Europe. Will we wait for their implementation? In the context of COVID problems in Asia – Cancun seems to be a natural choice for winter 2021/2.

Agents – WNT finally on the podium – Primapol still very high

When we look at the classifications of agents, here for the first items they return the old leaders of ESKY and ETRAVEL. However, their position is not based on the sale of exotics including Dubai. ESKY is still able to use a marketing machine, pulling traffic to travel not necessarily related to flights from Poland, in turn Etravel uses international partnerships. Although in the case of Egencia, this may unfortunately be radically changed.


For further positions, a strong Primapol consolidator, though when we count the common result of the WNT group, this will take its third place. The agent from Kielnarowa starts cutting off the coupons from his investments in the  tour operators – Customers’ acquisitions ensure, for example, items No. 1 in the sale of Dubai.

On further positions, we find  growing Tui, as well as specialized in the sales of marine traffic Polaris.

Maldives and Seychelles – Tui rules here

Interestingly, the classification of agents appears when we choose only two listed destinations. In this case, the leader is TUI. Perhaps success on these destinations will encourage the German giant to take a greater look at Dubai, where it seems that he did not appreciate less competition.

Further positions occupies  Primapol, WNT and finally an agent serving luxury offices – Carter / Luxury Travel. Such a classification proves that the Luxury Fit segment is still very well.

Will May show some changes?- the TO market leaders will start to sell, and maybe massive sales of LOT Greek destinations?

You still do not  see very much on the market of airline tickets for the results of the largest Polish tour operators – they certainly put a large extent on charter offer. And here they try to put the biggest sales pressure. Effective activities of TUI in the dynamic sale of exotics should, however, give them to think. Let’s hope that in May we will finally see larger sales of ITAKA, Rainbow or Ecco.

The impulse for changes can also come with the approach of the holiday operations of PLL LOT. Recent information on launching a powerful number of new flights  to Greece to prove that LOT will be forced to place harder for individual sale.

We are also all waiting for the resumption of business traffic, although the calendar (upcoming summer) and delays in vaccinations in Poland seem to not foster agents serving a business traffic. You should count on the reflection you will have to wait for autumn. Previously, a spark of hope can give an Expo that will generate a solid number of reservations. And by the way, thanks to the competition Lot Vs Emirates , you will be able to count on increased tourist traffic using reduced price tickets to Dubai.