Airlines(LOT) will fly frogy jumps like before WW2

Pandemic will force you to fly frog jumps? can regional airports benefit from this? will there be new destinations from Poland? Mostar -Medjugorje?

The business travel does not appear to return earlier than spring 2022. This may force airlines to look for creative solutions for the connections offered. Such can be flying frog jumps, as it was before World War II. See the pre-war flight schedule of LOT.

The negligible potential for business trips will force a merge of potentials

The international business movement has largely evaporated. This has significant consequences for the lines so far focused strictly on this market segment. The answer to at least the next 2-3 seasons may be to combine connections in order to combine the residual potentials for individual destinations.

Certainly, in the Polish case, the greatest potential for this type of practice can be seen in combining domestic and international flights. The ideal candidates for such routes seem to be such routes as Warsaw-Katowice-Turin, Lublin-Warsaw-Malpensa, Warsaw-Wrocław-Brussels or Warsaw-Wrocław-Stuttgart.

Attempts to do this are already taking place. LOT flies to Prague with a stop in Ostrava. The experience acquired may help with other similar routes.

Looking for synergies between different potentials – tourism and pilgrimages?

Apart from the strictly business directions mentioned above. Can you imagine the connections where we will achieve tourist/pilgrimage synergies? or tourist/business.

A good hypothetical example is a Warsaw-Mostar-Rome cruise. LOT could exploit the pilgrimage / tourist potential of both these connections. By the way, return to Rome after many years. Not only that, in the case of Mostar, there would also be a potential for a connection between Warsaw-Mostar-Beirut. And thus saving the connection to Lebanon.

Of course, in the above case, there are trade laws and international agreements that may block the possibilities. However, the pandemic and the havoc on the market it causes will open many doors.

Pilgrimage market from Poland – will vaccinations and LOT bring a new boost? – (

LOT will combine domestic flights and international operations as an opportunity for regional airports

Such a combination of domestic and international flights into one operation is also an opportunity for regional airports. First of all, to save connections with business centers. Stuttgart, Zurich and Brussels will be of key importance for the above-mentioned Wrocław, Kraków will fight for Geneva, and Katowice for Turin. In the case of Lublin – Milan is the key.

What if you tried with a long haul? Wrocław – Warsaw – Seoul? // Seoul -Wrocław-Warsaw

Long haul case seem to be much more difficult. However, one can imagine a similar action in this case as well. The candidate for the test was Wrocław-Warsaw-Seoul. Growing Korean investments in Lower Silesia will require service, both in the passenger and cargo area.

Certainly, an operation of this type is a greater challenge, also costly. However, the support of tourism/investment support organizations at both national and local level could significantly help in carrying out this type of project.

Perhaps Korean air will look at the cooperation with LOT more favorably, it will soon lose its partner in Prague completely. Czech airlines are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Certainly, frog jumping is a step backward by aviation. However, there may be no other choice to maintain even imperfect connections with key points on the map of Europe and the world. The growing potential of Cargo could help bring this type of concept closer to profitability.