Airline tickets sales -84% in first half of Jan – only exotic destinations keep selling

Dubai is still number 1 but the rest of the exotic are on its heels? Agents serving seafarers open champagne? What about Tour Operators?

In the first half of January, it is difficult to find any positive results in the sales of airline tickets. At the level of the total volume, the result is at -84% y / y. The quantitative volume of tickets shows a 78% decrease.

Dubai, Maldives, Cancun and Zanzibar save the industry – but the effect was weakened by unified winter holidays

There are still no surprises when it comes to destinations. Only warm/exotic winter destinations are for sale. However, Dubai is noting a significant drop in sales for the first time. Despite these, it still remains the number one leader/destination in overall sales. The Maldives are also noting a slight drop by a dozen or so percent.

The winners of the first half of January are Cancun and Zanzibar. In the case of the latter, it is impossible not to notice the HYPE focused on this direction. Celebrities and the media did their job. Cancun has traditionally sold well in winter, but it’s even easier this year. Competition is smaller, and flights to Mexico can also be sold with other traditional airlines such as Lufthansa or TAP. Cancun is also selling well from Kraków and Wrocław.

Certainly, they had unified winter holidays for such a result. The majority of sales for the period of the school lab have accumulated earlier. Still in 2020.

There are no tour operators in the lead

Interestingly, there are still no tour operators in key positions. Certainly, it is responsible for betting on your own charter vide Itaka or Rainbow. However, overlooking the opportunities offered by dynamic packaging can also be felt. However, this may soon change, Itaka is talking with LOT about the joint launch of this service.

Will the LOT + ITAKA tandem disturb the dynamic packaging market? The key to success will be an agency network, including in neighboring countries?

OTAs, seafarers and consolidators are still doing relatively best

Among those who have the idea of ​​going through the crisis, the same group of agents still shines. An OTA with a ticket volume level of -50% may consider itself lucky against the broad market.

Only sailors with a positive result are doing better. Interestingly, as many as two agencies specializing in this movement are among the top ten ticket sellers in the first half of January.

The consolidators are still doing well, as many as three agencies, i.e. Primapol, Profi Travel and the market leader Hurra, have entered the top ten sellers. After all, it is they who issue tickets to the best-selling destinations.

Bussines Travel – let’s lower the veil of silence – only compact agents show progress

Unfortunately, there is no good news in the business travel segment. All key agencies perform well below average. Only small compact agents, such as Lucky Flights, Stare Miasto or Aurinko, defend themselves. This somewhat shows that our list of potential business travel agents correctly diagnosed those who will be defended by the quality of service.

Find travel agent to service Your duty trips in Poland

It is difficult to be optimistic in the Business Travel segment, LOT cancels new connections, BA cuts flights to Poland and KLM cuts intercontinental flights. It seems that in the near future only a holiday product and this marine one has a chance to be sold.

Interestingly, sea freight rates have been rising for a long time, the demand for seafarers’ work will certainly follow, also although for a few agents in Poland it will shine a bit more sun.