Airline ticket sales in February worse by 83 percent

Dubai, Maldives, Zanzibar and Cancun are again at the forefront of airline destinations. Consolidators and luxury travel benefit from this.

The picture of the airline ticket market has remained largely unchanged for months. The long-awaited recovery in business travel is not coming. Only the exoticism with the leading Dubai defends the results of the entire industry.

83 percent in February only consolidators can be happy (Hurra and Primapol)

February result – minus 83 percent. in terms of sales volumes, it does not differ from the previous monthly results. In terms of the volume of tickets, the decline is slightly smaller (minus 78%).

As for the agents, despite the fact that Hurra fell from the number one position (1 half a month), it defended the podium, Primapol also retained an excellent 4th place. Interestingly, when we look at the results in terms of the country of departure (Poland), both of these agencies are leaders, but more on that below.

The excellent performance of consolidators is a derivative of selling destinations. Dubai is consistently a leader in the ranking with a percentage increase of 49 percent. Behind Dubai are the Maldives +88%, Zanzibar +435%. Cancun +74% and the Dominican Republic +17 percent. The first European destination – Málaga – reports in 7th place.

Interestingly, from the above list, only Cancun also records significant sales to outbound ports other than Warsaw.

So far, the effect of LOT’s campaign on Holidays is not yet visible

The current sale does not show the effect of the LOT sale on Holidays. Perhaps we will see it only in the following months. When the national carrier begins to release blocks of seats reserved by tour operators.

LOT should not be consoled by the fact that among the most popular destinations for sale there is not one that is offered directly by the national carrier. And the competition is awake, Lufthansa has just announced its new concept, Eurowings Discover. A new holiday base for Eurowings is also announced in Berlin.

The results for departures from Poland are surprising – Hurra -1, Primapol – 2, Time4Travel – 5

An additional surprise awaits us if we look at the results in terms of the country of departure. In this case, Hurra becomes the leader of the list. And the next consolidators take excellent places.

ESky and the leader of the E-Travel business market are relegated from positions 1 and 2. In the case of the OTA leader, it is no surprise that he has been saving his sales for months by reaching for a move not related to the Polish market. In the case of eTravel, the reason may be different. This agent is saved by an excellent global client, the EU agency Frontex. After all, she does not fly from Poland.

Luxury Travel continues to defend itself well

Luxury segment is also going according to plan. The very good results of the ticket seller for the Carter / Luxury Travel office confirm this market trend.

Expo and the new attractions awaiting us may also provide a new impulse for this market. The Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi are doing their best to encourage European customers to visit.

We are entering a low base time, the measured decline will decrease, but will the agents’ situation improve?

It must be taken into account that the market decline by 83 percent measured in February may already contain a deformation due to a low base. Last year, in the second half of February, the Pandemic effect was already noticeable. In this context, one cannot speak of any progress. Especially in the field of business travel.

Due to the low base, the following months will not show declines of 80% or more. Which does not mean that the market picture will be better. So far, there are no signs of travel demand. The airlines will therefore have to compete more and more intensively for the leisure/luxury segment, as can be seen from the movements of the Lufthansa group. We are waiting for an adequate response from LOT.