Sales oriented campaigns for destinations/regions – how to plan them on the Polish market

How to find the best way to advertise on the Polish travel market ? Sales related activities are the most welcomed?

More and more tourism organizations are betting on campaigns that are clearly translated into the sale of tourist services. It is not surprising, after all, the funds spent should work for each other. Below are some examples of how it can be planned on the Polish market to achieve interesting results.

Discount codes in cooperation with airlines or OTAs

One of the most interesting but much-underestimated tools. The tourist organization can buy a specific pool of codes from the airline. Codes are configurable so we can easily plan seasonal promotions. To convince tourists from Poland to visit our region/country at the most convenient time for us.

EL AL to launch new promo code tool offered by Minsait ( Indra group)

The use of discount codes has many other advantages. We will obtain an exhaustive report. Indication how many people used them, how it translated into the number of searches for our destination. Plus other analytical information that is no less interesting.

Most of the airlines operating on the Polish market give the opportunity to offer discount codes. Just to indicate LOT, Lufthansa or smaller entities such as TAP.

OTA is more skeptical about this tool, usually, they prefer a different type of paid marketing.

If we decide to take aggressive action with the use of codes, we can also count on a powerful viral effect. Most occasion seekers’ websites like Fly4free  will certainly publish information about such a promotion.

Discounts with agents that offer dynamic packaging

A bit more difficult technically, but it is not impossible to cooperate with agents offering dynamic packaging, here we could also offer a discount on the ticket. Best Reisen, Top Touristic, Exim or Oasis Tour have access to a network of retail agents who will be interested in promoting this type of action.

I quickly mention that ITAKA, the market leader, will soon be able to enter the segment of dynamic development. This can be a good opportunity to test the sales effectiveness of dynamic bundling with such a renowned partner.

Will the LOT + ITAKA tandem disturb the dynamic packaging market? The key to success will be an agency network, including in neighboring countries?

Or maybe the TRAVELIST “hotel club”

Travelist, a giant on the market of offering hotel sales, specializes in algae in the Polish market. However, he has already conducted offers also abroad. It has millions of users in its database and strategically cooperates with Fly4Free. These are big positives. In this case also the offered discount on hotels in a lower season at destination could work wonders.

Support sales campaigns by communicating to agents

The above-mentioned campaigns, it is worth supporting communication with agents. In the Polish reality, you do not need a large budget for this. You can certainly strengthen the effect of the campaign by promoting through the presence on portals or newsletters sent to the trade.  is the largest electronic medium for travel agents. It is the only one to have an English version of the website that will be constantly developed.

More information on how to successfully advertise on the Polish market can be found in the article published on the portal. We invite you to follow the English version of  Where we publish interesting constantly updated information about the Polish tourist market