Poles shocked (in positive way) Switzerland – 64% growth of room res in Jan 2021

A very interesting data was published by a Swiss Tourist Organization. It follows that Poland, as the only one of the key markets reached a shocking increase in accommodation (year to year) by 64 percent. What conclusions?

Ski arrivals to Switzerland – Poland raising star ( only one)

Data that has been made available on the quantities of accommodation reserved in January, by representatives of individual nations. Average for strategic markets and those on which the Swiss organization works actively.

For the first average score is minus 53 percent. I was pulled up by the domestic market (minus 37 percent) and neighbor – France (minus 47 percent). If it were not for these two markets, the average would be much lower. On a number of markets, we have falls by 80-90 percent.  This is not surprising especially for distant markets that have been cut off the lack of air connections.

However, interesting to see the result of Poland on the background of other countries in the region with the result of Czech Republic minus 35 percent. and Russia minus 82 percent . Of course there are many arguments that explain such a result of Poland, though the impression is still making a comparison to other countries if there were no similar factors there?

Switzerland was the only one opened, the travel agencies and promotional offers have also helped

Of course, the first, what is coming out of this statement: Well Switzerland was the only open, so we have one, and not another result. This is just a partial explanation, does not answer the question: why other region markets do not record similar increases?

It seems that many travel agencies have also helped here. For example, Nekera, one of the leaders of the segment, and quickly reacted to the Swiss chance. Two ski schools in Switzerland were opened. The offer of free ski-pass for outside-weekend booking was also firmly promoted. Nekera finally offered almost 100 facilities in the country of Helvettes. The most in the history of a single tour operator from the Polish multiagency market.

The Swiss tourist organization also showed a good feeling of trend.  By investing in the advertising of destination during this unique chance that opened before this market.

Poles take a greater risk? Example of Arabian spring and present boom on an exotic

However, you can assume that the Polish market has its unique specificity. Consisting in accepting greater than other risk nations. Historical examples of the rapid return of Polish tourists in the period “around” of Arab Spring, seem to induce such a conclusion.

A similar situation takes place in the case of currently experiencing the boom of exotic directions. Data published by the Maldives clearly indicate central Europe as a region that does not give up global trends.

Maldives destination booming in “eastern block” – Poland to follow as Itaka chrtr starts

Launch by ITAKA and also Rainbow exotic charters also in the summer seems to confirm that even growing dynamically the third wave of Covid does not bother to boop at power at all cheap/promotional trips.

What conclusions for tourism organizations – in the crisis invest strongly in the Polish market

The Swiss example, as well as these above, constitute a very interesting material for tourist organizations investing in the Polish market.

You can see the growing potential, and more importantly.  It is also demand for services that are not of cheap segments. This indicates that the purchasing power of Polish clients begins to match these other considered more attractive markets.

The above-mentioned tendency to accept risk may also lead to greater attention towards the Polish market. Poles may react faster to promotional activities. In the times of post-Covidowa, the fight for normality can be a very desirable characteristic.

It is worth investing in the Polish market, soon the chance of convincing about this will get further players. The office in Central Europe opens the Saudi Arabia. LOT will also shortly announce a regular “warm” network for winter 2021/2. In addition to almost certain Dubai.  You can wait for other interesting destinations with the awaited Cancun in the main role.

Saudi Arabia opens an tourism office for Central Europe – HQ in Warsaw or Prague?

As for the ski markets. The Swiss Casus is also a strong invitation to fight for a Polish tourist. Markets such as Bulgaria, Bosnia, Georgia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Greece, and even Turkey. Not to mention Lebanon. All of them have a ski product, but it is necessary to promote it more powerfully