Poland lifts lockdown: hotels open from May 8, restaurant gardens from May 15


Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki at press conference on lockdown in Poland
Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki

The opening of the economy, including tourism, will take place on May 8, announced Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. On May 15, the restaurant gardens will start. We will wait until May 29 for the full resumption of gastronomy.

The conference of the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, announced a week ago and awaited by hoteliers, was to answer the question of when hotels and restaurants in Poland would be able to resume operations. According to the presented schedule, it will take place on May 8.

The third wave has been broken, but we are careful

“The data we receive on infections allows us to make decisions related to the defrosting of the economy. They provide grounds for cautious optimism. Over 3,000 are constantly fighting for their lives on ventilator beds. We analyze the data from every possible point of view. The deaths of our relatives are an aspect for which we place the greatest emphasis on the dynamics of a few basic criteria will be the basis for decisions, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the conference.

“The third wave is most likely to break. We must approach the long-awaited defrosting with humility. We know that the virus will not disappear overnight, we are dealing with a dangerous and non-linear epidemic, we must be able to react if the number worsens. We know we are moving towards getting vaccinated as soon as possible. the path of normality. We have managed to protect jobs, we want the economy to return to its tracks in a natural way, and the most disadvantaged sectors will be able to breathe a breath, “he added.

From May 8, hotels in an occupancy of 50 percent.

From May 1, some outdoor sports activities will be possible, as well as indoor and swimming pools (for youth groups).

From May 4, trade will return to operation in the sanitary regime. Children from grades 1-3 will return to schools. Art galleries and museums will be open.

On May 8, hotels, restaurants and outdoor cafes will be able to resume operations

Occasional events, such as weddings, will start on May 15

On May 29, it will be possible to operate the restaurant inside.

Restrictions are loosened all over Poland

“We decided to make the defrosting process nationwide, as recently there has been a reduction in the differentiation of infections per 100,000 between regions. This range ranges from 30 (Silesia) to 10 (Podlasie). Hence the decision that the easing process will be performed in terms of We have decided that the largest groups of loosening will take place every two weeks in order to observe the effects of the introduced easing regulations. If we see a downward trend, perhaps we will make bolder decisions “- said Adam Niedzielski.

“We are starting on May 1, i.e. next Saturday, we are introducing uniform rules for sports throughout the country: we increase the limit of people participating in the activity to 50 people. On May 4 we want to return to education in grades 1-3 and we will monitor the situation in schools very carefully DIY stores and shopping malls will resume operations within the limit of 1 person per 15 sq m, “he added.

Events with a limited number of people will return from May 29

From May 8, hotels will operate under the 50 percent regime. occupancy. The wellness and spa areas as well as hotel restaurants will still be closed on this date.

The next step will take place on May 15. From this date onwards, masks will not have to be worn outside if the infection rate per 100,000. people will drop below 15. There will also be restaurant gardens.

On May 29, all education, events and internal gastronomy will return to the stationary. Open restaurants will be able to operate with a maximum occupancy of 50 percent. the premises and a strict sanitary regime (safe distance between tables, limit of people per table).

It will also be possible to organize internal events within a limit of up to 50 people and a strict sanitary regime (including a safe distance between the tables and the limit of people per table – regulations are the same as in the case of internal gastronomy). Cinemas and theaters will also resume operations, and indoor sports facilities (e.g. swimming pools) will be able to be opened to the general public.