WaszaTurystyka.pl invites to its English website


waszaturystyka english website

The WaszaTurystyka.pl travel portal has launched its English version. Readers using this language will be able to read translations of the most important texts that appeared on the Polish version and related to the problems of the tourism industry, that may be of interest to foreign readers. There will also be articles about the Polish tourism market and tourist attractions in Poland, addressed to foreign recipients.

Marzena Markowska, deputy editor-in-chief of WaszaTurystyka.pl, said: “We are currently the only industry portal on the Polish market that provides content in English. Over the years, we have observed interest in English-language articles and received a series of questions about the English version of the website. The decision to launch it is therefore partly a response to the demand from our readers. ”

Andrzej Kawałek, editor responsible for the Business Travel department, added: “We want to popularize knowledge about the tourism market in Poland through the English version of the portal. Entities that have no experience with our market so far currently have no place where they could read about current trends in English. Such knowledge can facilitate and help them in deciding whether to enter the market with their product. It is also to facilitate the search for specific partners in various market segments. We also publish information about a specific offer (eg dynamic packaging).”

“We also see a growing tendency in the number of foreigners working on the Polish tourist market. They are also hungry for professional content on what is happening in Polish tourism. This tendency will surely strengthen in the coming years. There is also an aspect of popularizing knowledge about the Polish market among specialists following global and regional trends. So far, they also had quite limited access to specialized texts about the Polish market,” he said.

The Polish version of the WaszaTurystyka.pl portal has existed for over seven years. In 2020 alone, the number of website views exceeded 3.5 million. Readers are specialists in the tourism industry and anyone interested in the latest news from the world of tourism.