The Quantum CX start-up freezes its concept was to “sell by smile” also in tourism

What was the Quantum CX concept? Why was the pandemic particularly treacherous? Can state champions save the project?

These days, not very optimistic news has reached us from the industry of innovative start-ups. Quantum CX, which was supposed to “sell with a smile” announced the cessation of its activities. The project is going to the freezer, but will there be people willing to unfreeze it in the near future?

The innovative start-up was supposed to encourage kindness and smile

Start-up was created on the basis of the founders’ previous business activities related to reading emotions. By analyzing facial expressions, it was to be able to detect emotions / smiles of both the client and the employee serving him. And in the next step, promote positive facial expressions and smile, which were even to be properly rewarded.

There were awards for customers for smiling, which were then donated to humanitarian purposes. Also the employee himself, who was positive, i.e. smiled for the right time, would also receive benefits.

The issue of the influence of a positive attitude and a smile on service efficiency / work results remains basically beyond discussion. Each of us knows people in our environment who sell with a smile. Acquiring customers basically “effortlessly”.

Promising results and advocate intervention

The first pilots of the program carried out in the banking industry produced unexpected results. The result in terms of both hard sales and the quality of customer service exceeded expectations. There were plans for further implementations in large recognizable companies.

Media interest in the application even resulted in the intervention of the Ombudsman, who tried to find actions that were not compliant with the GDPR? After all, not much has emerged from these allegations. However, they made the company popular.

Other industries were to be opened, expansions in the hotel industry as well as shopping malls, where tourism is strongly represented, were expected.

The company entered 2020 with great optimism, after all, additional financing was provided.

Masks and investment freezes are killing business

Along with the pandemic, the company received two murderous blows. The first was the requirement to wear masks, covering the face did not allow the system to read emotions. This problem was difficult to get around. Attempts were made to sell the solution to a service centers. Where faces are not covered, but it was a much smaller market.

Another blow was the freezing of investment in innovation. Many industries focused strictly on survival, saving on innovative solutions or postponing them for the future. Unfortunately, Quantum couldn’t wait that long.

National champions could save the Quantum CX

It is a bit strange that the national champions did not get involved in saving Quantum. The amount of money pumped into public investment makes you think: why not Quantum? After all, Polish Hotel Holding, Polish Aviation Group or PKP could gain a lot here. However, it seems that innovations are not their priorities at the moment.

There is hope that the ready solution will be interested in an investor open to innovations who will try to revive them. After all, Poland will not move forward without innovation. And projects with global ambitions such as Central Airport will not compete effectively with, for example, Dubai. By the way, it is a pity that Quantum CX did not get the opportunity to present itself at Dubai Expo 2021.