Egypt, Turkey and Greece take half of the market

Grzegorz Bosowski, CEO
Grzegorz Bosowski, CEO

Which are the leading destinations ? What about booking window ? Concerns about market stability?

Exotic destinations are the most profitable in January

One of the leaders of on-line package sale has shared its overview of the market with .

In January, among customers, 50 percent. booked trips to Egypt, Turkey or Greece. These three countries contributed 45 percent. monthly turnover. As much as 23 percent. percent brought exotic destinations – Zanzibar and Maldives.

In January, the share of exotic sales  in the office’s turnover was significant. Zanzibar booked 6 percent. customers and their contributions accounted for 11 percent revenue. January turnover, the Maldives reserved 4 percent. customers and their payments accounted for 12 percent. turnover.
Most customers booked trips to Egypt – 36 percent, their payments constituted 25 percent. turnover; Turkey – 14 percent (10% of turnover) and Greece – 10%. (10% of turnover).

Other destinations in the forefront of January reservations are:

Zanzibar – 6 percent
Malta – 5 percent
Spain – 4 percent
Maldives – 4 percent
Mexico – 4 percent
Bulgaria – 3 percent
Dominican Republic – 3 percent
Croatia – 3 percent
Tunisia – 3 percent

Interesting findings about booking window. Customers opted for February for winter vacations, and as for summer August is selling the best.

Most reservations (for January – September) in January were made for February – 19 percent, January – 17 percent. and June – 13 percent. In terms of turnover, the most profitable were: February – 25 percent, January – 16 percent. and August – 15 percent

Grzegorz Bosowski, president of, said: “January sales were defined by the applicable restrictions, mainly a 10-day quarantine after returning, and winter holidays spent at home this year. Exotic destinations generated an above-average share in sales – mainly the Maldives, Zanzibar, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, whose total turnover exceeded Egyptian sales. We were worried by the exceptionally low share of current sales, with short departure date, while we were pleased with the sales for the summer period. Hope and moderate optimism are caused by the fact that our clients, despite the chaos in the rules of travel, are ready to book their holidays now for all subsequent months up to and including September.

More exotic destinations charter offer and problems at Berlin airport will maintain trend

The trend described by Mr Bosowski might be accelerated. We do observe more charter offer to exotic destinations. Rainbow has just started operations to Cancun using LOTs 787-9 Dreamliner. The same type of aircraft is currently used by Itaka – as recently changed the Luk Air deal opting for LOT as a partner for exotic charter destinations this winter.

Will the LOT + ITAKA tandem disturb the dynamic packaging market? The key to success will be an agency network, including in neighboring countries?

Another factor which will support Tour Operators is a decrease of possibilities to depart from Berlin airport. Recently Germany has closed its borders for foreign travelers coming from Portugal, South Africa Brasil and Great Britian. Other destinations potentially to follow. Such a move will limit potential tourism traffic out of Berlin which were quite popular among Poles living next to the border.

Some mix-charter companies like Turkish Corendon might also gain on the facts mentioned above.

Corendon to fly Antalya and Greek destinations out of Poland – interesting offer for individual pax in place