Travel bloggers in Poland – partners to promote your destination / product

Which are the most influential travel bloggers in Poland? How to plan an effective campaign with them? What scenario is the best one?

It seems that cooperation with bloggers can be an interesting idea to promote products and destinations on the Polish tourism market. They have already dealt with some interesting campaigns. Still, advertisers often rely on general portals with very high traffic. Specialization and audience focused strictly on tourism are, however, an argument for cooperation with bloggers.

How to find the best /  the biggest partner

When choosing a partner for our promotional activities in Poland, we should check at least a few details. It is worth examining the number of views generated by the blog – this can be easily done with similarweb. If we want to reach even deeper, we should also check the keywords/phrases that lead to traffic to the blog. Ideally, if they were relevant / related to what our destination offers. We can also reach for ready compilations of travel blogs.

A local representative on the Polish market may be needed to check the partners in more detail. A few tips in the article we published on the portal.

Bloggers – the biggest players on the market.

Among the largest players in the tourism market, one should distinguish Gdziewyjechać.pl, Teasteaway, BusemprzezŚwiat  Travelasious. These players are often professional enterprises. They will expect a specific salary. In return, of course, they offer a lot of traffic and actions that should translate into the success of our campaign. Most of them already have experience in working with foreign tourist organizations. So can show us proven case studies. A list of the largest travel blogs in Poland can be found, among others on page.

Bloggers – medium / smaller players

We have a group of medium-sized players on the market. They often cooperate also on the basis of barter/invitation to a study trip. If our budget is limited, it is worth thinking about such an experiment. In the area of ​​tourism, this group includes for example / mamasaid be cool or, szalone walizki and naturally there are many more blogs to be considered.

Bloggers/portals as destination specialists

An interesting group are blogs closely related to destinations, some of them have evolved and have become portals/centers of knowledge about a given destination. An example is Croatia with Cro Love  Slovenia with the portal or Slovakia with . But there are more of them. Destinations like Italy, Malta or the Balkans have die-hard fans among smaller bloggers. Even some regions like Cote Azure /Provance are in this group.

Bloggers – specializing in the types of Culinary tourism, Water Sports, Bicycles

An alternative is also to find bloggers writing about a given topic that interests us. In Poland, the demand for water sports kite or diving, culinary and women-only tourism is also developing very fast. Perhaps the solution is to start working with blogs promoting concrete products/types of tourism.

An interesting example of market success is – this portal is trendsetter for all traveling with kids.

Women-only – tourism gaining ground in Poland – new trend on the Polish market ?


Build destination/brand ambassadors

An interesting option may be to build a group of 2-3 bloggers who will be our “embassies” in Poland. They will periodically publish news about the market, encouraging Poles to visit our region/country or sell our products. Of course, the process of building such a group will take time, but it is very tempting.

It also has such an advantage that bloggers are not limited in promoting commercial offers. They will have no problem promoting airlines or hotel offers. This fact essentially differs them from the official sites of tourist organizations which have some restrictions.

Strengthen cooperation with bloggers plus activities for travel agents or portals with price opportunities.

It is also worth considering supporting activities planned with bloggers. The best idea is a parallel campaign with portals aimed at travel agents. The largest of them is It would be ideal to plan activities in 3 areas, i.e. bloggers, a portal for agents, and a portal for those looking for opportunities. Fly4free is the leader in the latter category, while or are smaller entities.

In order to plan effective activities, you will need the support of a partner in Poland. Many materials are available only in Polish and knowledge of the tourist market is crucial. However, it is worth planning long-term investments in the segment of travel bloggers, it will certainly provide a significant return on investment, and it is also much cheaper than large campaigns with horizontal portals or OTAs.

How to find partner on Polish travel market