Saudi Arabia opens a tourism office for Central Europe – HQ in Warsaw or Prague?

Saudi Arabia opens to the CEE Region. We will also have her representative in Poland for a moment. There will also be direct flights?

Another good information confirming the interest of the countries of the Gulf of Our Region. Saudi Tourist Organization will soon open its representative office(regional HQ) in one of the countries of the region. Choice “as usual” between Prague and Warsaw.

A tender has started on a regional representative, for a moment of resolution

The authorities of the organization responsible for tourism in this still tourist exotic country are already In a process of choosing an external company that will make them represented by their interests. A partner who can provide a throttle activity on each of the key central European markets is expected. De facto The choice is not large.

In the game we have global brands like Discover the World or Aviareps but also regional related mainly with the Czech Republic. For the fight for such an interesting client, Globair and Travel Advance may be tempted. This last company can have some problems to reconcile the interests supported in Poland Dubai with a new client. But on the other hand, has plenty good referrals from the past.

Anyway, it seems that once again the competition for the headquarters will resolve between Prague and Warsaw. Much points to the fact that the Czech capital will win again. Most of the competitors competing for the contract of entities have their main offices. It is a pity, although it is certain that in Poland we will have a  person responsible for our market.

The tourist authorities of Saudi Arabia promised the resolution of the tender in the coming weeks. In April, they want to start active actions. At the beginning of April, Webinar was planned for Polish agents.

Ambitious Arabia plans – design of a Vision 2030

The presence in the region is directly related to the ambitious goals that established from the Arabia rulers as part of a Vision 2030 project – the participation of tourism in the gross domestic product is very dynamically increasing.

There are also a number of investments in infrastructure, in subsequent years to use, inter alia, The first  Red Sea resort and the monumental Qiddya amusement park. The country has more such GIGA projects in plans for the coming years.

The tourist organization appointed fifteen key markets/regions to be particularly suitable. Among them is also “our” central European region.

Hidden Tourist Treasures – Saudi Petra and AlUla desert

Arabia is still almost no touristy corner of the world. However, this is a great country that has real tourist pearls. Such they are without a doubt Saudi Petra TJ Hegra or rock miracles of the AlUla desert, video materials showing these attractions are breathtaking.

It is also not different with the Saudi Red Sea coast to his advantage can be the lack of resorts and still a largely wild character.

Arabia also wants to put on authenticity, it boasts that tourists will be able to commune with the authentic local community.

Challenges for tourism – No beach resorts, flights and alcohol?

The challenge for increasing the volumes of tourists from the region is a few. The first of these is the lack or small number of air connections. However, thanks to the subsidy, it may soon be changed. As we know very ambitious plans in the bay signals Wizz Air, thanks to its modern A321 Neo easily concludes to Riyadh or other ports in Saudi Arabia. The country also conducts talks with other operators, even LOT thoughts about the flight to Saudi Arabia, although this is a matter of the next years.

For today Saudi Arabia easily can handle with Emirates. Although it is known that direct flights are always an additional impulse for arrival tourism.

Lack of marine / beach resorts can be a greater challenge, because you can not count on Sun & Beach tourism. Although the authorities are planning to build the first resorts, then Polish tourists will appear in many times. Anyway, the advantages of Arabia are somewhere else, these are those hidden pearls of which mentioned above. Based on you can not prepare a very interesting product from the cultural tourism or MICE.

Certainly, the MICE industry will be the first one who will “shout” about the lack of alcohol in destinations as a factor that will destroy its action. We would not have such pessimists in this regard. An example of flying to an equally traditional Sharjah emirate from the region (Prague / Kiev) AIR AIRABIA line gives you thinking. Many customers including tour operators on the indicated markets (Czech Republic, Ukraine) dealt with a lack of alcohol in destinations. It will also not be in the case of Saudi Arabia.

First promotion activities in Poland are starting

As we mentioned, the Saudi tourist organization is determined to quickly choose a representative in the region. First promotion activities in Poland are already planned. Webinar for agents are pre-taught on April 7.

A large part of the promotional materials is now available in the languages ​​of the region countries in this naturally in Polish. Soon we will be able to read with them.

Talks with Tour Operators on the launch of the charter product are also pending, seems that Rainbow is closest to the finalization. We will see how the exotic destination in Poland will be sold. The example of Oman, however, may be a large optimist in this regard.

I am waiting for decisions about the representative in Poland and the first actions addressed to the tourism industry in our country. The efforts of the tourist organization of Saudi Arabia are a good prognosis of interest in our region from new ones not present on it until now destinations.

Andrzej Kawałek

Ekspert ds. podróży służbowych


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