Nekera “Polish” TO product is booming – time to think about exotic offer for winter 2021/2

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What is Nekera’s recipe for success? Summer offers from LOT and Corendon helped the operator? What are the plans for the future?

Nekera is a young tour operator. Built by professionals in the past working for big market tots like Neckermman or Tui. Her debut was quite unfortunate during the pandemic. Paradoxically, this turns out to be one of the ingredients of success (the product of destination Poland). The investor’s support in the form of the portal is also important.

A Polish product (cheaper than booking) as a recipe for Nekera’s success

What seemed impossible, i.e. selling packages destination Poland. It has become a recipe for survival and building a healthy / extra leg in business in the era of a pandemic. Nekera’s Polish product sold very well in the summer 2020 season.

Excellent relations with hoteliers turned out to be the recipe for success. They made it possible to achieve the impossible, i.e. a cheaper and more accessible offer than the one available on Hoteliers trusted the tour operator, which resulted in a significant sales volume. It was not without significance that he was tired of Booking’s dictates, whose commissions reach 30% in some places.

The Polish product of Nekera was well received by Multi-Agents, such as This is crucial for this operator. In the short term, he has no chance to build a well-known brand among individual clients, so intermediaries are the apple of his eye.

A titanic investment in agent relations and education

And here we touch another ingredient of success. Nekery’s team has put in, and continues to do, titanic work to educate and inform agents about tour operator’s new products. Periodically organized webinars and tele-conferences are to distinguish Nekera on the market. It seems that this approach brings the desired effect.

Especially that both the price offer of foreign packages and the commission policy are at the market level. As for their competitiveness.

Synergies with cooperation with the investor bring significant benefits

Nekery also contributes to the success of synergies with the investor, Triverna. The customer base, relations with hotels and e-commerce knowledge are important assets that both parties can share. It is not just a one-way action. Until now, specializing in short / weekend offers, Triverna can also acquire valuable know-how from Nekery. Especially in terms of products for Croatia or skiing.

Dynamic packing with LOT and Corendon – competitive prices (for 2 + 2)

The Tour Operator couldn’t help but notice the popularity of dynamic packaging. Here, too, the market situation seems to support him. By launching connections under the LOT na Holidays campaign.  LOT released the operator’s tour from the risk of booking its own charters. Corendon’s charter-mix flights also come to the rescue.

Corendon to fly Antalya and Greek destinations out of Poland – interesting offer for individual pax in place

Based on these two carriers, an interesting offer can be built. So was done. The offer to Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey is really competitive. Especially for the first 2 countries.  Turkish 5-star product is where Nekera sees its advantage. The operator particularly boasts about the attractiveness of the 2 + 2 offer.

The real novelties (dynamic exotic packaging) will come in the winter season 2021/2

Nekery’s management, which derives largely from Neckerman, is aware of the advantage for this agent that the dynamic packaging option was. Especially in Caribbean destinations. After all, it is them that are now triumphing in sales from Poland.

So the next step will be technological investments that will allow Nekera to successfully join the race for a passenger hungry for the exotic. The goal will certainly be to prepare for the winter 2021/2 offer. This is also where LOT can help, the expected connections to the Emirates and perhaps also Cancun will be a real gift for operators such as Nekera.

We are waiting for the winter offer, and in the meantime, it is also worth checking the one prepared on the basis of LOT and Corendon flights for the summer of 2021.

Will Nekera be the first TO to build a modern / repeatable POLAND product

Nekera has a great chance to build brand awareness among customers on the destination Poland  product. Affordable, richer and more accessible hotel content is one of the components of “Polish” success.

The compactness of Nekera is also a great advantage in this area, the Polish product may be a profitable and important leg of business for this operator. However, it will never be like that for market giants like Itaka or Rainbow, they are simply too big.

How can you build added value with Intercity or Panek Carsharing? Or maybe local attractions?

As part of the Polish product, you can also try to do further work. Its enrichment could consist in cooperation with PKP Intercity or LOT, especially as part of the North-South connections of Poland. This is where the main added value for the customer is. It saves time. Traveling by train or plane is also additional fun for the youngest.

An interesting partner could also be Panek Carsharing. Driving a retro car or an electrician could bring an element of adventure / technological experience to a trip around Poland. Certainly, Nekera’s product team will have plenty of similar ideas.


Andrzej Kawałek

Ekspert ds. podróży służbowych


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