Minus 84% in air ticket sales after half of Feb – duty trips dying only exotic holidays counts

Only Dubai and long nothing? Unexpected leaders of the agency ticket sales market? Dynamic packaging shining still a triumph?

In the medium term, there is no hope of a return for business travel. The sales statistics of regular airlines for mid-February are inexorable – 84% year on year.

No surprises – Dubai, Maldives, Cancun Zanzibar Dominican Republic and it’s actually over

The results of the 1st half of February highlighted even more recent trends. Dubai is the undisputed leader. The news of the increased offering by Emirates confirms the demand for this direction. We are also waiting for news from LOT regarding the connection with the Emirates. It is worth remembering about the Emirati marketing offensive, which seems to be endless. In March, another group of agents from Poland will set off on Fam Trip do Ras Al Khaimah.

UAE destinations in expansion mode in CEE region/Poland – Wizz and LOT will boost the trend ?

Apart from Dubai, also no surprises: Maldives, Cancun, Zanzibar and the Dominican Republic. And this could actually end the counting. There are practically no business destinations in this list.

Unexpected leaders: Hurray number 1 and Primapol number 4 – this shows what is happening on the market

For the first time in history, we are also dealing with a situation where the leader of the airline ticket sales market is the consolidator. This title went to Hurra from Iława.  Which for years has specialized in serving the leaders of dynamic packaging, ie Best Reisen, Exim, Top Touristic.

The proud 4th place goes to Pirmapol which has been famous for years for its strong position in servicing Mice agents. The time of the Pandemic will only strengthen this agent built on teamwork and a good atmosphere.

Noteworthy are the results of the agents that also support the Luxury movement, i.e. the aforementioned Primapol and the Kompas office from Toruń. The latter ranks right behind the top ten.

Traditionally, agents working with the maritime movement are doing well. The best of them lands at the 7th position in the ranking.

We are still waiting for new players in dynamic packaging, will Nekera warn the giants?

There is still no sign of a strong entry into the dynamic packaging of the leaders of the tour operator market. It is certainly related to the fact that they choose their own charters. Offers to Dubai and the Dominican Republic from Katowice have just been announced by TUI.  Previously Rainbow and Itaka boasted similar news. Probably all their sales couple are going to chartering. There is also a lack of information about Ecco’s activities/plans in this interesting market.

New players can certainly take advantage of the giants’ inaction. The entry into the segment was announced by Oasis some time ago. Good news is also coming from Nekera, dynamic packaging based on LOT and Corendon is ready for summer, now it’s time to work on winter exotic (Winter 2021/2).

Nekera “Polish” TO product is booming – time to think about exotic offer for winter 2021/2

Traditional business travel agents will continue to tighten their belts

The results of agents specialized in business travel look dramatic. It cannot be otherwise, since the exotic in which they are not specialized is at the forefront of the faculties they sell.

This means only one, further savings consisting in closing branches, cutting salaries and jobs. The hope of rebuilding the business movement before fall seems to be dying for good.

And this is not the only problem of agents.  The hotel segment, which has been so far profitable for them, is facing a revolution in the distribution of content. The German giant HRS and its Polish partners have just announced their withdrawal from cooperation with agents/networks serving corporations. They(HRS) want to sell to companies themselves.

HRS cuts itself off from business travel agents – a revolution in distribution?