Itaka will fly A330 to Oman Cuba and Zanzibar from 20th december

Is Itaka chasing the market with its wide-body product ? Will LOT draw any conclusion out of it ?  Stay tuned for more news about exotic destinations.

Good news for the awakening demand for exotic winter holidays. The second-largest tour operator in Poland has just announced that it has contracted a wide-body plane. It will take tourists to the beautiful beaches of Cuba, Oman and Zanzibar

Widebody Airbus in 2 travel classes configuration

The plane is typical of the charter segment. It has 289 seats for passengers, including only 12 in business class. In total, it is several dozen more than the smaller Lot’s Dreamliners. It is also probably plus age, which determines its economy. The Luk Air company is actually a re-branded  Blue Panorama, well-known on the Polish market.

Oman, Cuba and Zanzibar – confirmation of the emerging market trend

Exotic destinations caught our eye while discussing the results of airline ticket sales for November. Dubai, Maldives, Cancun Zanzibar and Punta Cana stood out there – Itaka’s decision seems to fit perfectly into the current market trend. It is additionally confirmed by the sales data from one of the biggest on-line re-seller.

Other news medium-haul – come back to Porto Santo

You should also look at other beach novelties with interest. First of all, Porto Santo. This beautiful island next to Madeira has a slightly warmer climate. In addition to beautiful beaches, it also has other advantages, it can attract fans of water sports and Golf. Seems that it might become one of the best moves regarding winter medium-haul offer.

Food for thought for LOT – winter 2021/2 program

Such a move by the powerful tour operator should be another food for thought for the national carrier and in the context of planning the offer for winter 2020/21. We have already written about the incomprehensible lack in Dubai’s offer. Time, however, for serious consideration about the Canary Islands, Madeira / Porto Santo or Oman. Certainly, LOT could sell these destinations at a good price, not only from Poland.

Itaka will also give breath to the Incentive industry

Connections announced by Itaka seem very interesting also in the context of the incentive industry. The Tour Operator will certainly prepare an offer also for this segment of the market. It has a good chance to compete with the rising prices of exotic destinations sold by regular airlines.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of Itaka’s project, it is another ray of hope that the tourism industry will overcome the covid crisis.

Andrzej Kawałek

Ekspert ds. podróży służbowych


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