Corendon to fly Antalya and Greek destinations out of Poland – interesting offer for individual pax in place

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What offers has Corendon prepared for an individual client? Will Antalya’s tourist advantages help the airline successfully sell flights?

Turkish charter airlines do not give up fighting for a Polish client. In the 2021 season, they will again offer a lot of connections outside their home Antalya, also to airports in Greece.

Warsaw and Katowice will get the most connections

Traditionally, the biggest beneficiaries of the expansion of the Turkish carrier are Warsaw and Katowice. In both cases, flights to Antalya, Heraklion and Rhodes appeared in the systems. This choice is not surprising, both Polish cities generate the largest passenger flows.

As for the pricing policy, slightly lower prices for departures from Katowice are clearly visible. Perhaps the pressure and charter competition from this city is much greater. Prices from Warsaw are slightly higher, however, we can still find attractive offers for individual tickets, with prices from 150 Euro gross for a return ticket.

Additionally, the first-minute promotion lasts until February 14th. As part of it, we can buy tickets with up to 25% discount.

It is an interesting offer compared to the appearing prices of LOT to Athens or Nice within 1000 PLN for a ticket for 1 person. Corendon is undoubtedly competitive here.

Regional airports are also happy – Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and Rzeszów got their connections

Also a bit of fun at regional airports. Turkish airlines have offered flights to Antalya from several of them. In difficult times, when some airports (such as Łódź) think about closing themselves off to passenger traffic, this is good news. And so we will fly to the Turkish resort from Wrocław and Gdańsk. Poznań and Rzeszów.

Antalya’s attractions are not only beaches – golf, cultural tourism, pilgrimages, and incentives

Corendon’s base in Antalya, which is home, is an interesting destination that enables the construction of a diverse tourist product. In addition to the classic sun & fun, we have an offer here for golfers, diving fans, pilgrims or touring trips (Cappadocia). There is also an emerald lake and rafting on the Manavgat river and even mountains nearby. Several offices in Poland are trying to build unique travel offers based on this destination.

A separate issue is the attractiveness of the direction for Incentive groups. The region is probably one of the best price / quality ratio in terms of hotel offerings. In tough times, a direct flight can be a great asset. The possibilities of transit travel are constantly becoming more complicated. As is evidenced by the current problems of Polish tourists who have recently flown from Berlin to Madeira / Portugal.

Dynamic packaging and representation in Poland are additional advantages

The airline is also working hard to expand the scale of distribution of its tickets. Certainly, its offer will be available as part of the dynamic bundling offered by Merlinx or Bluevendo. This will help you reach smaller but highly effective agents. It is thanks to them that dynamic packaging is currently celebrating a great triumph in Poland.

Another advantage is having a manager responsible for the Polish market. Alpaslan Unsal is at the disposal of Polish agents. He helps with the valuation of groups, he can also advise on the hotel offer. After all, the Corendon airline is part of a larger tourist holding company that also offers a wide selection of hotels.