The first webinar from – two great technological novelties

What technological novelties have been announced by Will the webinar become a permanent communication tool?

On Thursday, started communicating with customers/stakeholders using the new tool. The hour-long Facebook webinar is to permanently enter the canon of marketing and pricing tools of this multi-agent.

There was a lot about Covid safety

During the webinar, a lot of emphases was placed on covid security. Including information about global trends in this area. An interesting piece of information is the tendency to pay/subsidize quarantines by countries for which tourism is a key branch of the economy.

Customers were also convinced that all-inclusive, so popular among them, is still available. Maybe in a slightly different formula (with waiter service), but we can still count on this type of service preferred by Poles.

Lots of information to reassure clients of the advantages of traveling with tour operators

A lot of information also in terms of confirming customers about the advantages of traveling with tour operators. Above all, 24 hours. care, but also in the event of covid complications, the possibility of using mechanisms ensuring return home. These special funds are not available to solo / self-travelers.

When it comes to prices. It is difficult to expect them to rise, rather they will be levels known from recent seasons. Although such an opinion may contradict the somewhat alarmist tone of the statement of a member of Itaka’s board. Which, in fairly clear words, accused one of the main players of dumping the offer.

Product news

When it comes to foreign countries, we did not have much relevant information here. The key fact of the availability of flights was emphasized. They will determine the holiday offer. In this respect, however, it is not bad. We see that regular carriers are launching holiday destinations, so do LOT or Wizz air. There are new players like Corendon with an offer to Turkey and Greece.

Corendon to fly Antalya and Greek destinations out of Poland – interesting offer for individual pax in place

There is a real competition in some destinations, flights to Heraklion have been announced by several carriers, which may give travel agencies great negotiating opportunities.

Among other product curiosities, the trend of increasing the Polish offer is worth emphasizing. Including the one with transport or clubs with animations for the youngest. Operators must try to distinguish the product, moreover, which everyone can reserve individually.

Technological novelties – the most important message of the meeting

The most interesting information is left for last, and these are two very interesting pieces of news.

The first is the introduction of full-online purchase, i.e. without the need to contact a call center or visit the holiday office. It is a real technological leap forward.  It will certainly help the office to improve service and increase the scale of operations.

The second novelty is the customer panel. The client gets the ability to log in and access his bookings or other relevant documents in real time. It is a great convenience that makes life easier for customers. A great help also in crisis situations, when, for example, we lose or destroy important documents/contracts, we can easily and quickly restore them. By downloading electronic versions from the customer panel.

The third small novelty is the updated newsletter, the renaissance of this form of communication has been announced. It seems that it fits perfectly with the trend we observe on the e-commerce market, where content newsletters, in particular, are experiencing a second youth.

What was missing – more details

The first webinar seems to focus on very soft communication. The main purpose of the meeting was to ensure the safety of travel and the possibility of a wide choice of offers. There was no more specific/quantified information about current sales / market trends. Such information is periodically shared by the competitor of . Egypt, Turkey and Greece take half of the market

It is also worth working on a greater attendance. As the counter of participants indicated a maximum of 350 people, which is quite little. Fortunately, the webinar is being recorded and the message can be communicated further through other tools. Nevertheless, it is a pity for such a relatively low turnout.

Certainly, the tool is developmental and can help you communicate effectively. Probably in the future there may also be a forum for presenting the offer / new products by invited guests. Tourist organizations, tour operators or hotel chains will certainly be happy to use this form of communication.