RateHawk – the leader of hotel platforms, is preparing a lot of new products

RateHawk leading b2b hotel provider is expanding its portfolio of products, air tickets and travel policy will be additional selling points ?

The leading player in the hotel booking market wastes no time. The mobile application, the Chrome extension and finally the travel policy are new from RateHawk worth knowing.

Originally from Russia, the B2B hotel platform has become a permanent fixture among the market leaders in the sale of hotel services in Poland. With the opening of the office in Warsaw and the expansion of the sales team, results also came. Today, the Polish market is the leader in terms of RateHawk’s revenues.

Panedmia is good for working on innovation – Application, Chrome extension and Travel Policy

The pandemic is conducive to development work in the IT area. RateHawk wasted no time here. Recently, system users have been given a modern mobile application at their disposal. And that’s not the end of the changes. To facilitate the booking process for smaller travel agencies, a chrome search overlay was launched. In addition, it allows you to compare the prices obtained in searches made by other tools with the one based on RateHawk. This implementation also made the management of the promotional code tool easier.

We can try it out as part of an ongoing promotional campaign.During which we can get a 2% discount on hotel reservations.

These are not all the changes that RateHawk is planning. An exciting new feature in the form of the Travel Policy has just been pre-introduced. The platform had graded access options before, but now it will go a step further. Entering a travel policy will make it much easier for offices to sell the RateHawk hospitality product to businesses.

The travel policy provides transparency and the possibility of easy demonstration of savings, plus the reporting module. All of this is highly anticipated by the companies.

The leader in the post-Soviet area will also expand the hotel offer in Poland

RateHawk built its position in Poland on the basis of interesting hotel content in the post-Soviet area. Polish companies were more and more willing to venture into these regions, constituting the natural base of RateHawk’s customers.

However, the company also noticed the fact that business trips within Poland themselves constitute the majority of services of this type sold in our country. Therefore, the strategic goal is to expand the hotel base in our country. Then the platform’s offer will certainly gain even more in the eyes of agents selling hotel services as part of business trips.

RateHawk will challenge you in the area of ​​events and tendering market for companies?

More areas are waiting in the queue.  The one related to the booking of corporate events / meetings in hotels is very interesting. Here, for the time being, HRS is at the forefront of automation. Offering Meetago service. Polish entities such as mojekonferencje.pl or Salebiznesowe.pl are also strong. In their case, the level of automation is not high. They themselves could potentially benefit from the white label solution offered by RateHawk.

Another area is also very interesting, ie the “tender” platform for companies – also here the German giant is leading. RateHawk could make a mess in this area as well. A tool thanks to which agents could conduct a “tender” for hotel services for their corporate client would be a bull’s eye.

Certainly, the hotel platform will not stop at selling only hotel services. It will sell those that are complementary to them. While competition is already firmly established in the area of ​​traditional services such as airline tickets(also  at RateHawk now). Synergies can still be sought with new and growing markets. Carsharing seems to be a good example here. In Polish and perhaps soon central European conditions, a partner could be, for example, Panek Carshering.

Panek as carsharing leader in Poland with ambition to become trend-setter and Central European player

Certainly, there will be plenty of ideas for similar partnerships. It is worth observing the movements of RateHawk, it will create lot of confusion in the hotel business trip market. Major competitors like Booking and Hrs have to be careful.

Andrzej Kawałek

Ekspert ds. podróży służbowych


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