Like European giants, Rainbow launches sales for the winter 2021/2 now

Rainbow Tours to surprise main competitors on Polish market?  Will this move accelerate LOT decisions about winter 2021/2 network?

Rainbow Tours decided to get ahead of its competitors on the Polish tourism market. Today we can reserve exotic-warm destinations for Winter 2021/22. Such a move is deceptively similar to what the giants of the European market are doing.

In the UK, both the tour operators and the airlines will sell for 2022

In the UK, similar movements could already be observed in November. The British branch of Tui announced the start of sales for the winter of 2021/22 just so well in advance. The main area of ​​interest in terms of destinations was the Caribbean. This exactly matches the observed demand also in Poland. Cancun Punta Cana and Cuba are on the shortlist of top-selling destinations.

This week, the typical holiday airline J2 also announced the launch of summer 2022 sales. We have not seen such a long advance in sales by airlines, usually, the availability of tickets was not more than one year.

Certainly, such a policy is related to liquidity needs and the desire to catch customers as quickly as possible. The race against the competition will be murderous in the coming months.

Rainbow focuses on traditional directions – but this time we will also buy medium-haul in advance

Rainbow does not surprise with the choice of destinations, so we have a choice in line with market trends and historically best sellers. We will fly to the Dominican Republic, Kube to Mexico, Thailand, and Goa using the LOT Dreamliner. The list of warm destinations is completed by Zanzibar, Oman and Kenya. Probably some of the latter will fly on a narrow-body plane.

Interestingly, for the first time, the medium-haul is also going to be sold in such advance. Chosen ones are mainly those from the Mediterranean, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan. We also have the Canary Islands pre-announced.

The first-minute offer is discounted by 110 Eur approx and there is a flexible policy of changes in place too. Tour Operator is providing free(almost) parking at Okęcie Airport for those coming from different cities. Certainly, this is not the full offer of Rainbow when it comes to warm destinations for winter 2021/22. Much depends on LOT whether it will prepare any scheduled surprises. If so, the tour operator from Lodz will certainly book groups on these flights too.

Rainbow will motivate LOT and ITAKA

Rainbow’s overtaking traffic will certainly motivate both LOT and Itaka to plan the winter of 2021/2 faster. LOT is thinking about the winter network, Dubai seems very likely whether there will be a surprise yet, Oman or some direction in the Mediterranean basin have a good chance.

Dubai its time for LOT to start flying there

All the more so that there are rumors on the market about the potential cooperation of the Polish carrier with ITAKA in the area of ​​dynamic packaging. Winter destinations, especially those from the Emirates area, are the best for it.

Will the LOT + ITAKA tandem disturb the dynamic packaging market? The key to success will be an agency network, including in neighboring countries?

Itaka herself will not wait long to respond to such a move Rainbow. Certainly, in a few days, we will see offers from Winter 2021/2 also from the market leader from Opole.

The fight for a holiday client will intensify. The more so as it can be seen that the winter demand for exotic destinations is still quite strong. Tour Operators offering the aforementioned dynamic packaging are successfully selling Dubai, Zanzibar, Punta Cana and Cancun. Using good air prices from Prague or Berlin too. Classic tour operators will surely want to fight for these customers as well.