ITAKA with a new 3 × 21 concept, an alliance with Energylandia for children and a luxury product for adults


001. Piotr Henicz
Piotr Henicz, wiceprezes Itaki / fot. materiały prasowe

Itaka counts on flexibility, new products for families designed with Energylandia and brand new luxury product for adult only audience.

Itaka will surprise the competition with its flexibility? Alliance with Energylandia a shot at 10? Exclusive product for adults to compete for the luxury market?

At today’s webinar, Itaka sprinkled new products. Promotion of the summer offer starts from the hoof. Based on the new 3 × 21 concept. New products are primarily an alliance with Energylandia, an offer for adults, but also dynamic packaging and richer own transport product. And on March 3, the product Winter 2021/2 will be available for sale.

The 3 × 21 concept, additional Covid insurance and a smaller down payment – this is Itaka’s weapon

The marketing message of the 3 × 21 concept is simple. Customers receive a number of benefits compared to the regulations in force in past seasons. This mainly applies to the areas of resignation, change of decisions, but also payments. In the event of cancellation, the deduction was reduced to 10% (21 days prior). Flexible change of decision allows you to change the direction, hotel and number of services many times. Finally, we will pay extra for payments 21 and not 30 days before the event.

As part of additional benefits, by the end of March, customers also receive insurance from Covid as part of the basic insurance offer. And the advance payment for holidays will be only 15% and not 30%.

In addition, there is good information about discounts for children. With part of the offer, the price of trips for children will be constant, i.e. PLN 299 and PLN 499.

The offer of the market leader from Opole shows really great flexibility.

Product news at closer destinations

It is difficult to remember all the information that the office from Opole praised. The availability of air connections in many cases offered from 5/6 airports in Poland looks impressive. This will make the offer very accessible to virtually every urban center in Poland.

The offer to Greece looks impressive (8 islands and 1 peninsula). In addition to their own charter, Itaka will also offer Santorini based on the LOT flight and Mykonos , largely based on Wizzair. The exclusive offer on Thasos attracts attention.

Also in other Mediterranean destinations, there will be no shortage of news Turkey, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and Portugal with Madeira are the main areas that the tour operator will propose to us. Itaka also boasts an excellent quality offer in Bulgaria.

Poland, own transport and dynamic packaging

The offer of holidays in Poland will be continued, with the ambition to sell up to 15,000 places. Itaka has over 250 hotels available for this particular product.

The own travel department is being developed, in this case, in the near future, the offer will be enriched with North Macedonia, Bosnia and Continental Greece. Here, too, the ambition is to sell more than 10,000 places.

The dynamic packing was also mentioned. So far, quite a modest number of destinations have been mentioned here: Santorini, Faro, Cyprus, and Lisbon. This is not surprising as the Tour Operator will certainly choose their own charters in the first place.

Exotic destinations to continue through summer

The exotic is selling the best this year. It could not be missing as part of the summer 2021 offer. Itaka confirms further operation to Zanzibar (as many as 3 ports from Poland, Maldives, Madagascar, Dominican Republic and Cape Verde. In the case of the latter destination, wide-body aircraft operations are expected from mid-June.

That’s all about summer, and on March 3 we will get to know the details of the exotic winter offer in 2021/2.

Itaka’s friends’ clubs in an alliance with Energylandia and ITAKarma’s offer for adults

The offer of Itaka’s friends’ clubs is undergoing a marketing revolution. Thanks to the cooperation with Energylandia, they will receive a jointly developed animation program. Children can also count on a special catalog in the form of a booklet on which they can draw and write. Useful and interesting gadget for both children and adults. Itaka’s friends clubs are to appear in 27 locations and operate from June 15.

ITAKarma, a product for adults. There is also a complete novelty, i.e. an exclusive product for adults. It seems to be a tribute to the Luxury market, which, like the exotic, has been doing very well recently. In the 1st stage, ITAkarma will offer 3 selected hotels in Zakhyntos Crete and Fuerta. All intimate and exclusive to Itaka. In each of them a permanent DJ position. The project will be promoted in cooperation with Moliera2.

Good news for agents too

Itaka also does not forget about sellers. A rich project of study trips is about to start. Motivational programs aimed at employees of the own network (franchise) and independent agents are also returning.

A special pro-sales competition was also prepared as part of the summer offer in the 3 × 21 concept. The main prize will be a trip to the Canary Islands. However, not only the person who sells the most has a chance of winning, the next places will take part in the drawing of additional prizes.

Apart from March, further cyclical competitions have been announced.

I must admit that Itaka sprinkled new products as if from a sleeve, it is difficult to describe them all. Soon the recorded version of the webinar will be available for the public.