– in February over 53 percent customers chose Egypt and Turkey. Poland in 4th place


Grzegorz Bosowski, CEO
Grzegorz Bosowski, CEO

Mediterranean destinations are non-disputed leaders? Exotic still selling well? Is product Poland booming fueled by attractive hotel rates?

No big changes in destination mix bought by clients. Product Poland is located on 4th place as we are approaching spring short breaks season?

In February, among customers, 60 percent. booked trips to Egypt, Turkey or Spain. These three countries contributed approx. 49 percent. monthly turnover. Over 22.5 percent brought the Dominican Republic and the Maldives.

In February, as in January, the share of exotic directions in the office’s turnover was significant. The Dominican Republic was reserved by 5.03 percent. customers, and their payments accounted for 13.84 percent. January turnover, the Maldives reserved 3.77 percent. customers and their payments accounted for 8.71 percent. turnover.

Most customers booked trips to Egypt – 36.48 percent, their payments constituted 28.16 percent. turnover; Turkey – 16.98 percent (15% of turnover) and Spain – 6.29%. (5.42% of turnover).

The other fields of study in the forefront of January reservations are:
Dominican Republic – 5.03 percent
Poland – 4.4 percent
Maldives – 3.77 percent
Greece – 3.77 percent
Bulgaria – 3.77 percent
Zanzibar – 2.52 percent
Cyprus – 2.52 percent

When it comes to RPM, the Top 10 is a bit different:
Egypt – 28.16 percent
Turkey – 15 percent
Dominican Republic – 13.84 percent
Maldives – 8.71 percent
Spain – 5.42 percent
Greece – 4.39 percent
Mexico – 3.45 percent
Zanzibar – 3.4 percent
Bulgaria – 3.37 percent
Kenya – 2.62 percent

The turnover from the sale of the Polish offer (fourth most popular) accounted for 1.68 percent. all sales in February.

Nekera “Polish” TO product is booming – time to think about exotic offer for winter 2021/2

Luxury hotel, plane, and all-inclusive

In February, customers most often booked trips for April – 19.62 percent, March – 17.09 percent, May – 15.82 percent. and February – 15.19. The summer months are moderately successful so far: the July events were chosen by 8.23 ​​percent. customers, and August – 8.86 percent.

As many as 92.99% of customers bought airline events – 92.99%, 5.73%. decided to travel on their own, and 1.27 percent. for bus trips.

The vast majority chose 5 * (39.87%) or 4 * (35.44%) hotels.

82.28 percent chose the all-inclusive program. customers, HB – 10.76 percent

The average price of the event in February was PLN 7,700 (last year it was approx. PLN 5,500)

Most reservations (for January – September) in January were made for February – 19 percent, January – 17 percent. and June – 13 percent. In terms of turnover, the most profitable were: February – 25 percent, January – 16 percent. and August – 15 percent

Kacper Daszke, marketing and e-commerce director at, said: “We finished February with quite satisfactory results considering the prevailing conditions and travel restrictions. Customers with moderate optimism reserve the product for the holiday period, and outlets in the coming months are by far the most popular. In February, the average booking price was once again relatively high, which was due to the sale of trips to exotic destinations. The Dominican Republic, Maldives, Mexico or Zanzibar have never before had such a large share in our sales structure as it is in the fall-winter 20/21 season.

Still the biggest barrier to travel is the necessity to quarantine and the costs of PCR tests, which in the case of exotic bookings do not constitute a large share in the final price of the trip, but maintaining the need to test for short-haul destinations in the season may turn out to be a very big barrier for customers. “