Dacia Spring is to change electromobility, it will soon be in Poland. Does it mess up the market?

Dacia’s tiny and painless car will be a remedy for problems with the popularization of electromobility? Will there be attractive car sharing offers for companies? Traditional company cars will slowly become a thing of the past?

Dacia Spring – the pragmatism of the Dacia brand at a good / low price is it enough?

The Romanian brand has conquered the Polish market with a very pragmatic approach. Especially offered at a more attractive price, Duster has become a market hit in Poland. Dacia is a low starting price, cheap parts and service. And if the price is low, it is also cheaper insurance.

It is not a life-style brand, but many customers do not mind. The electric Spring offer was built on a similar concept.

The new Dacia is based on the Renault City K-ZE model, which was to conquer the Chinese market. And it was intended strictly for customers from China. The relatively lower price is mainly due to the lack of fancy accessories. Battery itself and the ranges are also not impressive. The battery with a capacity of 27.4 kWh will allow for real ranges of around 200 km in mixed driving. And no more than 250-280 in the city.

Dacia Spring is not a speed demon. It accelerates to 100km/h in 19 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 120 km. Although the first films from France show that it will go a bit faster (at the expense of a surge in battery consumption).

Some people may be disappointed with the performance, but the car is intended for city driving or commuting. And in this context, what it offers should be assessed.

Dacia Spring – first news from France, movie price and reviews after driving

Fresh information about the price and the first tests came to us from France. The starting price of the car is around 17,000 Euro, but in the case of many state subventions (the basic one is 27% of the value) it drops significantly. At this price, it may already be an attractive product.

The French also published the first films, the car’s ratings are not bad. The trunk is quite large for this class, but what is not surprising, there is little space in the rear. However, nothing else could be expected in this class. The Dacia is also noticeably louder than its electric competitors, but it gains a lot compared to traditional engines. Small 14 inch wheels look a bit grotesque.

French car-sharing companies are already preparing great offers based on this car model. A very attractive subscription offer is to appear. On the Seine, they hope that Dacia will give a new impetus to the segment of electric car-sharing, tormented by  recent negative news.


A new impulse also in Poland – Panek will soon announce its offer based on Dacia Spring?

Dacia has a chance to give an impulse to electromobility also in Poland. It is an ideal car for short city offers, but also as a substitute for company cars (for access to the house), used, as the statistics show, in no more than 5%.

The trend towards electro-mobility will only strengthen, as indicated by the news also coming from tourism (see the last ITB fair in Berlin). The revolution in the perception and performance of work should not be underestimated either. Its flexibility and mobility will be a permanent feature. Car-sharing and electromobility are also perfectly in line with this trend.

Dacia, thanks to its accessibility and minimalism, also perfectly fits the evolutionary concept of electromobility promoted by Panek Carsharing. The company believes that reaching full electromobility must be gradual and based on market conditions. Such an approach is supported by the information about the withdrawal of new players from the “luxury” fully electric car-sharing market, see the closing of the Innogygo project.

We are waiting for Panek’s offers for business. Based on Dacia Spring, the car will certainly be offered to car-sharing at a good price. Already during the presentation of the model, it was emphasized that it is intended mainly for this type of customer.

An individual customer is to know the prices of the new Dacia in Poland in April. It can be assumed that the rational approach of the Romanian concern will once again bring it success in our country.